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Well, this album sounds great, less industrial rock than the two previous one, more pop and mainstream but still with this this touch of dark synth pop new wave.

The sound is very good, well produced, Silverthon's compositions are on they best, and Mark Hocknings write strong and touching lyrics ( How long could we stay/ Looking Skyward/ Waiting for the truth) and his voice sounds at it best.

Looking Skyward contains 13 tracks, this album alternate mid/down and up-tempo songs

A lot are outstanding tracks:

My Protector
The Traps We Made
The Last One Standing
Kil Your Darlings
Before This world Ends
The Ride
There Must be a Way

The Absolute Highlight is "The Fixer " that we can call as the "definitive pop song"

The last album's track " Once Surrounded" finished with the repetitive words "Just stay Young" and it's very disturbing. The Album closed with some tears in your eyes and you've just have one desire: Listen to it again...

My rate 10/10 : Album of the Year

Notice that the fantastic Kill Your Darlings's B-side "Paper Thin" is not on the album, i try to find a you tube link to put it here.
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I agree with you great album,I would put"Two+1"and"Tactile" in the outstanding tracks and remove The ride and Runway but taste is different,youre right Paper thin is great and should not be missed,if you get this album get the bonus disc because the song Circles is a real highligt as well and it is not present on the ordinary album
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