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I agree there too. I have been giving that a lot of thought actually.
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A lot of songs,

A handful of darkness
Fallen Angel
Call me
Around the universe
A victory of love

just to mention a few
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Mr. Nevermore
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Yes, I agree on Nevermore. That would make a great single.

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Hope this isn't coming too far into time arrears, but going back to my first having an Alphaville CD of my own (First Harvest: 1984-1992, bought around 1994), I have two thoughts on this.

1) 'Jerusalem', originally on 'Afternoons In Utopia' and repressed for First Harvest by the time I got my copy. I remember Marian's explanation that 'Jerusalem' was inspired by a rejected or failed sketch for a stage play that never got off the ground, and I remember the weight his description of the details of the man in the story, offering as human sacrifices people he convinced to take their own lives at or on the Brooklyn Bridge, eventually working enough raw energy up from the deaths and collecting them in corporeal form, to replace his former lover, who committed suicide at the same spot, with an incarnation of Eris, Goddess of Revenge.

I don't think I've ever heard Mr. Gold speak as passionately about something he and Bernhard Lloyd had worked up. (I omit Frank Mertens and Ricky Echolette, because I don't know enough about the background of the stage play's story to know if its creation preceded Ricky's addition as a band member by 'Afternoons In Utopia', which, to be fair, was the same album that premiered 'Jerusalem'.) I feel very familiar with the creative minds that have been Alphaville in the last twenty-five years of being an active fan, and I have rarely felt the depth of this unnamed, unfinished story that Marian described in the liner notes of First Harvest. I would love to see someday the current Alphaville lineup's take on a video or even a short movie based on this vintage Alphaville track I'm very fond of to this day.

2) A little more recently: 'Wishful Thinking' from both versions of 'Salvation' (WEA and Metropolis). I remember a comic book I had recently read around the time I heard the live version of 'Wishful Thinking' on 'Stark Naked & Absolutely Live' (which I'd eventually get myself an imported copy of, too) and thought, 'What a great music video could be made to this comic book as a moving picture, set to this song!' The comic book is set in a potential alternate past to our present, during what would be a reasonable equivalent of Islamic Egypt and Northern Africa in the 1600s up until the late 1800s, combining elements of Ancient Egyptian lore (with its own take on the 'Sphinx', not quite what we have in our own world, and described alternately thus) and Saudi Arabian desert tribal culture and kingdoms. I envisioned it set to the beginning bars of the live version of 'Wishful Thinking', specifically the part that made me think of a charging horse or a group of them, driven across the barren scrubland and sandy wastes by redoubtable warriors or messengers of some sort.

Those would be my two 'big ones', as ones I've given a fair bit of thought to.


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I certainly think that:
1. those of the songs which were generally released as a single and didn't get any video. Primarily Wishful thinking and Flame.

2. those songs that should be released as a single but it has never happened:
A victory of love
Heaven on Earth
Around the world
A handful of darkness
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In my opinion A handful of darkness would provide for a very touching video, too
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I personally would love it would be videos of all the songs with Marian performing them!!!!
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