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Why traders keep stuff to themselves is beyond me these days. Share it for god's sakes. Put it on youtube! There is so much more enjoyment out of making people's day for being able to let them see things they've always wanted to see.

I have loved horse racing all my life and I am putting up my years of taping broadcasts on youtube. You should see the e-mails I get where people thank me profusely, thinking they'd never see these races. There is far more enjoyment in that. It's changed my opinion on things regarding trading.


Have concert? Will travel!
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Originally Posted by Alphaanni View Post
This is Marian just sitting next to me while we are having a party in Dave's studio.

"...we never performed neither VOL nor SIB before '95. I premiered Romeos in '88 with Albert & The Heart Of Gold though on a festival in Berlin, shortly after I had written the song... Hey Dave, hand me another drink - cheerio"

I may be a bit late getting into this discussion as I don't check in here too often. But anyway I would like to keep the historical facts straight so I hope nobody minds that I am going to dispute Marian's statement above. Of course, being in the business for so many years and doing so many live shows, you can't expect an artist to remember every single live show...

First, I have no idea about the 1984 video recordings. But...

Alphaville Played Summer In Berlin LIVE as early as 1986. And I mean absolutely live, no playback or miming.

This was a part of the Alles Luege event (the so-called Anti Nuclear Festival) that took place in Berlin in August 1986.

Alphaville performed the following songs, in the following order:

The Other Side Of You (Nelson Highrise 2)
Afternoons In Utopia
Summer In Berlin
Forever Young

As I said, this was all live. No playback, no miming, no tapes. With a live band.

This is all documented in an audience recording of this event. Yep, somebody was wise enough to record the whole thing on his Walkman, with a simple microphone. But an audio recording does exist.

That's it... I just wanted to keep the facts straight.
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Any news about this? :D
It's still a dream to see ROMEOS played live
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I OMG ... i lost it ... speechless.
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