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Why specifically do you love AV so much ?

What attracted you to AV in the first place?
-apart from the obvious (great songs etc)
Why do you think they are so special and different from other bands? I've been a fan for 30 years.❤️❤️❤️
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I don't know. A strange combination of the music, Marian's voice, mysterious lyrics....... No other band's music has that effect. 30 years here too.

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I don't know why I love You...But I love You
Like Eric Cantona said at the Leeds Supporters when he came to play in England
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Old 09 Aug 2014, 10:59   #4
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[smile2] Same for me. The music first, when I discovered the songs in 1985, then the lyrics, Marian's voice....

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Old 09 Aug 2014, 12:12   #5
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At first it's Marian's voice. Then comes the music.
I always fall for special voices without beeing able to describe what's catching me in particular. When it gives me creeps it's alright - and Marian's voice does it (not always but mostly).

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Old 09 Aug 2014, 15:22   #6
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I have to go with what everyone else is saying, definitely the music and Marian's beautiful voice. The music just is so great and meaningful. I listen to their music all the time and never get sick of it!! Oh and I can't forget about Marian's cuteness either!

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Old 09 Aug 2014, 18:51   #7
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Very simple:

The music, the lyrics and the voice
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Old 09 Aug 2014, 18:57   #8
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Can we explain why a particular music moves us ? At the time, the first album has been a slap, because of the twist of the usual codes in arrangements and, of course, Marian's voice. Shivers, like when you meet a girl (or likewise a boy) and your heart bounces. Over the time the magic still operates, although there are some tracks I dislike. And then come songs like "Call Me" which blow your mind.

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Old 10 Aug 2014, 10:13   #9
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For me it was hearing "Lies" for the first time (1984/85? Gosh I'm old), followed by "Sounds Like A Melody" and of course "Forever Young" for the first time. "Lies" got me with the lyrics, and Marian's voice. Then I saw he was really cute (I was 14 yrs old and knew nothing about the meaning of the songs)
I had a real crush on him LOL.

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Perfect music, perfect voice and Marians perfect looks. [love2] Being fan for 23 years now (I'm 27). Still can remember hearing FY on the radio when I was 3, and so angry that my dad couldnt play that song again when I asked for it. Didnt understand yet that a radio is not a tape that you can play over and over again

~~ Ријaнa [love2] Алфaвил ~

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