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Oh. When is it going to be released?

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look on the topp at the yellow text "New album 19 Nov 2010: Catching Rays On Giant"

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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Ok. will do! Thanks!

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Streetside Romeo
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Hmm, let's do a shootout:

Forever Young: A Victory of Love (In The Mood and Sounds Like A Melody are equally impressive).
Afternoons in Utopia: Lassie Come Home (Carol Masters is fantastic as well).
The Breathtaking Blue: Romeos? Summer Rain? Middle of the Riddle? For a million? Ouch! That's a toughie! I'll go with Summer Rain.
Prostitute: Euphoria? Apollo? Paradigm Shift? All in the golden afternoon? Ain't it strange? Another difficult decision...I'll say Euphorie.
Salvation: Pandora's Lullaby? Point of Know Return? Dangerous Places? I'll go with Pandora's Lullaby.
DS1: Traumtänzer
DS2: Carol Masters (1st Version)
DS3: Like Thunder? Comme 20,000 Lieues? Next Generation? VERY hard. Like Thunder.
DS 5 (I'll exclude Live Versions, because that's entirely different territory): To The Underworld (though Days Full of Wonder and Whales would have been awesome as well).
DS 6: Elegy (If The Audience Was Listening and the Welcome to the Sun version would have deserved 1st place, too).
DS 7: Astral Body (Blauer Engel would have to share 1st place...)
DS 8: Those Were The Days (Duel is also extremely strong).
CS 1: On the Beach!!! (I also love Ship of Fools, Zoo and Girl from..., but they pale in comparison with this epic masterpiece).
CS 2: The Parallel Girlz (Heartbreaker and Ways are other favorites).
CS 3: G.I.Ants
CS 4: Waiting 4 the nu Lite (or Shadows She Said or Return to Paradise).
Catching Rays on Giant: The Deep.

Do I really have to pick ONE song? Can't I have a compilation of all these? Okay, if I really have to pick one, it's gotta be On The Beach. Because it's not just a song. It's an unlikely event. A paradigm.

I prefer to walk with my own feet
I prefer to dance to my own beat
I prefer to sing my own song
I prefer to live - do you wanna come along?
(Ephemere - Eternal Travelers pt. III)

Check out my synth-rock band's latest demos for our upcoming album "Hobos & Architects":
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1) ariana
2) flame
3)moon girl
4) dance with me
5) end of the world
6)for a milion
i die for you today ,jerusalem,song for no one,the jet set,the things i didn t do and many many
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Im going to change my list up a little!
Forever young (Including Demo 2)
Dance with me
Big in Japan
The Impossible Dream
Fallen angel
Sounds like a Melody
I die for you today
a victory of love
song for no one
call me down
End of the world
Heaven on earth
the deep
Gravitation breakdown
call me
criminal girl
ivory tower
guardian angel
jet set
love will find a way
soul messiah
thunder and lightening
to germany with love
wishful thinking
universal daddy
summer in berlin
inside out

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Old 27 Jan 2018, 20:21   #67
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1.Forever Young
2.Big in Japan
3.A Victory of love
4.A Handful of darkness
5.Dance with me
6.Call me
7.Sounds like a melody
9.Fallen Angel
10.Around the universe
11.Wishful thinking
14.Guardian Angel
15.Fur Dich
18.Here by your side
19.I die for you today
20.Soul messiah
21.Jet set
22.The impossible Dream
23:Golden feeling
25.Beyond the Laughing sky
27.Sister sun
28 Heaven on earth
29 Ivory Tower
30.Pandoras Lullaby
31.Criminal girl
32.Inside Out
33.Universal daddy
35.Summer in Berlin
36.The things I didnt do
37.The One thing
38.Still falls the rain
39.The other side of you
40.Carry your flag
41.Song for no one
42.Next generation
44.Carol Masters
45.Monkey in the moon
46.For a million
48.Love will find a way
49.She fades away
50.Miracle healing

This wasnt easy lots of good Alphaville songs
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I'd like to take a moment to update my list:

FY -- Big in Japan
AIU -- Universal Daddy (Sorry, Mr. Gold.)
TBB -- For a Million
Pros -- Impossible Dream
Salv -- Guardian Angel
DS -- The whole Disc 4our!
FPop -- Jerusalem (listed version)
CS -- Ways
Celeste -- And I Wonder
United -- Feathers & Tar
CROG -- End of the World
Strange -- Around the Universe
Demo tracks -- Criminal Girl

Hello, my friend...
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My top 10!

1. Forever Young
2. A victory of love
3. Romeos
4. Sounds like a melody
5. Big in Japan
6. A handful of darkness
7. Afternoons in Utopia
8. Jerusalem
9. Heartbreak City
10. Call me
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Old 12 Feb 2018, 18:28   #70
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Oh, boy. I think my most favorite for right now is either Headlines (the happy and upbeat music) or maybe even Criminal Girl due to the fact that it's so powerful and is very "poppy".
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