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Old 01 Jun 2002, 18:47   #1
big in japan
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Happy Birthday Bernhard Lloyd

Its June 2nd tomorrow, remember ?!?
Im sure that when Bernd will see this topic he'll think : "oh, no wonder that the crazy girl started it...." <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
So, yes ! Im crazy about you and you're great and I LOVE YOU BERNIE !!!!!!
Thank you for everything !
I wish you health and happiness and all those things that will make you happy and complete.
Happy birthday synth man,
Adi Blankleder.

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Old 01 Jun 2002, 23:26   #2
Trapped in Dreams
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Happy birthday Bernie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no words... just wish you all the best in everything!

I can see you through...
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Old 01 Jun 2002, 23:49   #3
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Location: Hamburg, Germany, Germany.
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This night I went not to bed, waiting for your birthday!
What to wish?
Keep like you are: A very warm and nice person with lots of ideas and social ideals.
And I wish you the time to have a "foie gras with grapes" at the "relais de la poste".

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Old 02 Jun 2002, 01:46   #4
Streetside Romeo
Strange Attractor
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Dear Bernhard!
I wish you a very happy birthday as a gate to a new year in which the best of your wishes may come true! Alphaville is an important part of my life and you are a very important part (actually 50% :-) ) of Alphaville and I appreciate a lot your work and ideas. I miss your phantastic arrangements on DS9 (and a bit of your former energy on AP (exception TalkTalk)). Please go on just as strong as ever before to share your inspiration and your ideals with us!!! And have a wonderful year with your family!
Foie excellent idea! Enjoy another one for me!
Bon anniversaire!

We are what we are - the meaning of life
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Old 02 Jun 2002, 07:22   #5
poul e
Dream Keeper
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Happy birthday Bernhard!!

This past year has been very eventful for you - Morten, 20 years anniversary & Atlantic Popes and I´m sure a lot of other things.....

Like the others I also miss your touch on the DS9 songs. For me it´s like a little something is missing on the songs although I like those that I heard live a lot better now. But a little of your "magic" would make the songs even better I´m sure!!!

I wish your next year will be filled with positive events & that all your wishes may come true!!

Have a nice day!!

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Old 02 Jun 2002, 13:43   #6
Arranged in White
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Congratulations Bernhard!
If I had a garden I would have picked red roses and sent them to you... <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

"I have to follow them – I'm their leader!"
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Old 02 Jun 2002, 14:25   #7
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happy birthday Bernhard!
kepp those magic fingers on the synths and you'll stay Forever Young:)

love Maiju

I'm just a shadow-You are the light
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Old 02 Jun 2002, 17:52   #8
Dream Keeper
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Congratulations Bernhard!

Take care.....!

make your choise - i made my -
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Old 03 Jun 2002, 15:08   #9
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Happy birthday Bernhard!

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Old 03 Jun 2002, 16:29   #10
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heeey, Happy Birthday you creep...=)) so, how does it feel now, 42 Jahre alt? Majestic...=)) not in a bad way natürlich, it's cool! Happy 43rd year, and may it be inspirating!

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