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When I want to hurt myself I go to krapplund website (or betaville)

Can't decide wich is my most precious treasure so I'll choose:
Sounds Like A Melody 7'' France wich started it all and my Paris' Locomotive 1999 ticket.

I tried to look for for some criteria to decide if one item is rare or not. I came up with looking at discogs and making a ratio beetwen number of people claiming to have it and the number of people claiming to want it. When < 1 it's rare! So my '<1' items would be, from the less rare to the most:

One Step Behind you 5''
Elegy 5''
Forever Young 2001 5'' fan ed.
Mysteries Of Love 5'' promo US
Visions Of Dreamscapes
Today 5'' promo
Dreamscapes box
Romeos 2nd 5'' promo US ('new sped-up 7'' edit')

Then there is this one, not listed and discussed a lot lately, my most recent buy:
Romeos 7'' promo ('without the guitar intro')

I also have an History MC bought as the real thing but I suspect a copy.

I'll try to update with scans of the two Romeos when I will have access to a scanner.

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