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Ivory Tower II (The Suburbs)

Hello friends,

After attending this Whisky A GoGo concert, I can now see that I'm not the only one who feels the way I feel about Alphaville. I wrote a song to express my gratitude to Marian Gold, Bernhard, and all those who ever contributed to the music of Alphaville. It had to be a song because I don't think it is possible to express these feelings in just words. I played the song for my friends at this Alphaville experience and they do feel the same way.

Moments ago, I played the song for Marian Gold and some of the band members. His response was something I will never forget. He told me he was overwhelmed and he gave me a big hug. I think he got the message of the song because it is totally genuine and from the heart.

The song started coming to my mind soon after the Whisky A GoGo event was announced. My brother helped me with the guitars and mixing. I call it Ivory Tower II (The Suburbs) because just as Ivory Tower was a message from Alphaville to the fans, this is a response message from the fans to Alphaville.

Now that the message has been delivered, I have posted it on YouTube. I'm sure many, if not most of you will be able to relate.

Thank you for the surreal weekend and I sincerely appreciate the organizers of this weekend helping me to deliver this message.

Brad Oldham
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