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I hope this let's me attach. I took a couple of snapshots of an areal view of moonbase skydome dance complex. The panels open and close, I can change dimensions on the fly. It's currently 5000x5000 meters and can hold thousands of people. The true gem is the inside. Multi level dance floor, over 10,000 lights that conforms to any music source, including midi). It also has a stage for concerts. I'm working on the panels today. The inside will have 30 by 300 lights on each panel (wedge). They also are controlled for gridlighting. Because math made all of this (by yours truly). I will be adding some lighting and modeling work on the outside of the panels as well. This is what I'm doing today. Keep in mind this is a single dome on a single skyscraper in a single city. I'm working on 3 worlds. One on the surface of earth, shrouded in darkness. Towers will reach upwards of 10kilometers above the cloud deck to make cities in the sky. Then finally moonbase.

I'm very secretive of my work generally. I realize I haven't shown anything yet. Here are 2 pics. Areal views of skydome. The right hand side shows the nodes in some of the networks that create and control all things. Nothing is modeled.

I know many are skeptical. I am for real.
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