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Originally Posted by Mart View Post
I got an extra DVD, and the Blue Rays are working perfect (Replacements). The new box is in perfect condition because of the new package, but I did mention it that in a previous post the the stacks were built to high on the pallets and the lower ones would be crushed. The only problems that I had with the original box was that the lid was crushed, causing the inside of the box to rip. The DVDs were bad, but now, everything is 100% perfect
100% perfect? Really?
What about mastering? Is everything OK with sound (you have no problem with silence at 53:15 on DVD1 and bluray1)?

Of cause they are playing perfectly but there is a sound bug on both.

I also get a perfect cover for my box, and DVD, and blurays, but now I've got 2 DVDs with the same bug...... and 2 blurays.

But I will not be tired to say that the box is pleasant to me and I'm happy to watch the live show!
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