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Originally Posted by RRC View Post
I've got the replacemants ... :)

What can I say? it's China :) Not 100%, but I think 99

The box is in good conditions, no problems, new blurays, DVD and one more disc which I asked Brady....

Blueray and DVD has the same bug - no sound from 53:13 - 53:20 (or 53:15-53:22)
Also I've got the wrong disc (I asked for another part) -

But everything is OK, I love this box!

Same problem for me, strange cause I didn't realised when I watched the DVD the first time (First Blu Ray doesn't work)

I've received the first dvd with the new 'broken box", didn't know why and this no sound is still on it, the both DVD and the Both Blu Ray

Te raconter enfin qu'il faut aimer la vie et l'aimer même si je suis fatigué du mensonge et de la vérité que je croyais si belle, que je voulais aimer et qui est si cruelle que je m'y suis brulé ... .
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