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Well, it is an institution for me...but there are many reasons for that minimum of traffic...but it has not to be Facebook alone.
We had the same with our german Indochine-Forum. But than we had a meeting with the Band in Berlin and that was followed by other Fan-Meetings and Events. OK, we are just around 25 hardcore-users, but we could never find that "home-feeling" on Facebook. But that could be a reason: We have a lot of "real" events, enough new music every year and tons of concerts. Remember the time around the Paris-concert, I think we had much more traffic here. The same with the german "Golden-Feeling"-Forum, even a little more sad how empty it is there. We have also still a "Fanclub-Newspaper" once a year...that is much more old-fashioned than a forum ;-) I still remember that fantastic magazine you had at New Horizons...that were the times.
I would move to a cheaper place, hoping for better times.
But I canīt see any chance to get the same feeling on Facebook.
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