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You got some words better than me, I tried to choose the best possible words, and now it would look like this:

The streets are open wide for a brand new adventure
The asphalt flashes in the light
And the black leathered knights crawling out of their basements
And handing the tickets for the night, for the night
Gonna stay for a while, 'cause there's no chance to hide
Lay your body right down for the thrill, for the thrill
You are free, you're alive, there's no time for regrets
You're alive, push the door, you're alive
And heading for the killer, for the kill

Though the place's so crowded
You feel so alone, 'cause you're eye to eye with him
And you know he will take you
He's got nothing to lose and there's no way for you to win
Desperados in love won't kill this sweet dove
For nugget of fleeting bliss
Come on, come on, you can't escape
The bleeding bullet of a kiss

Here comes that golden feeling
It's shining in your eyes
We're always going on and on
Right from that day they start to shine

Since you're up with her, it feels like a sin
'cause the taste is much too sweet, it's much too sweet
And the massive chaos of the city moves
It's where (?), it's only a flick
And you claim what you want, you will need to go
When it's time that you leave this to rest
No doubt you're just for diamond road
In an everlasting kiss, everlasting
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