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7 Concert in Tallinn (Estonia), Jul 2012

Alphaville at Tallinn Őllesummer (Beerfestival)


I don't usually see AV live very often, but this summer I've been particularly lucky.

First great Esbjerg and now, even easier for me, they came to Tallinn as one of the main performers of the beer festival.

Tallinn is only 80 km south from Helsinki, so it was easy and cheap to get there. An Estonian ferry company even had a perfect offer of return tickets and one day festival ticket at very reasonable price.

So I arrived Tallinn with my friend (same guy who I dragged along to Esbjerg) Tuesday morning, a day before the concert.

We decided it would be nice to spend little time in Tallinn, though we've both seen it quite a few times already. The festival is definitely big event in Estonia, since there were lot's of advert posters in the city, and most of them had big hairy face of Marian Gold in them :-).


I knew this was a beer festival, but I couldn't expect that much beer in the area. There were so much beer, that you could get beer by just straightening your arm and giving away 2 euros. There were also few bigger tents with little stages and some performers in them. A quite big funfair and bungee jumping and that kind of stuff were also included.

We went quite straight to see the main stage which Alphaville were to play. The main stage was at the quite famous Songbowl in Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.

There were Estonian rock band Smilers playing at the stage some time before Alphaville, so we decided to see them for a while. After they stopped playing we found Martina (ways) who were already in front of stage during smilers and afraid we wouldn't get good places, since there were quite many people already around during Smilers. Luckily people decided it was time for beer before AV, and we could take our places in front row.

ALPHAVILLE 4.7.2012 klo 23

We started to worry little, because there were almost no people at all about 15 minutes before the main thing. Then they started crawling in, and they came and came and came. For me this was fifth Alphaville concert and I have never seen so many people in one.

Almost at the given time the band stepped to stage and the gig started classically with Golden Feeling. I'm sorry I can't give you complete set list, since I'm always so excited about the gig that I have no way remembering in which order songs are played.

Anyway straight from the beginning it was clear that both band and crowd were having good time.

The only song that crouwd didn't really get into was third Gravitation Breakdown. I think I was only one jumping and screaming through whole song, since I just love live version of it. Call me weird, but I think it fits the show perfectly. Marian even said after the song something like "Maybe you'll get it next year." obviously refering to the fact that crow didn't really seem to get what was going on during that song. Other songs from CROG on the other hand seemed to be pretty well known by the audience, since Call Me, IDFYT and Song for No One really hit the crowd.

Call Me Down was once again Martin Lister Special, and it had relatively long intro. Marian really gave Martin credit during the song, and they were singing together behind keyboards.

Even Heaven on Earth hit the crowd and there were lots of waving arms in the air.

Generally the set list was quite usual, with couple quite nice surprises.

Of course the major songs were the classic ones. If someone was still cold during Golden Feeling, Dance with Me woke them up. Then there were the moment almost everybody were holding their breath when first notes of A Victory Of Love were played. One by one the crew realized which song is being played, and screaming got louder and louder. And boy was it good song. I personally almost screamed my voice of (a little promis for Krappis [smile2]).

Also one song I haven't heard live for a while was Jet Set. I'm never sure is it good live song or not and I'm not sure this time either.

The big special about in the middle of the concert was "The Beer Song". Guys stopped playing for a while, and Marian said that they had heard that this was a beer festival. First Martin raised a beer, and then Marian said something like "I'm going to try something very dangerous. I'm going to drink alcohol on stage. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!" Then he drank the beer at once, while audience was clapping their hands and cheering.

Then I'm not very sure about what he said, since I couldn't catch it completely, but it was about what they thought about coming to beer festival, and that when they were adapting the song for stage they had immidiately thought that it was a beer song. And it was Iron John. I was particularly happy to hear this one, since it is definetely one of my favourite Prostitute song, and live version is great.

End of the concert were quite usual. Crowd sang Forever Young pretty good, and it was about time to go home.

To make gig perfect the encore contained Leben Ohne Ende which I heard live for the first time. Rest of the crowd seemd to like it too. Last one was of course Apollo.

I had great time, and whole atmosphere at the festival were very warm and welcoming, at least in my opinion. My camera is so old that in little light there is no use of the pictures, but hopefully there are far better ones from Martina.

Until next time


Victory Of Love

"Alphaville ohne Bernhard ist wie eine Apfelstrudel ohne apfel"
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