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Ok, let me try to write down the highlights:

1. Negotiating with Warner about the new album
2. Planning for 12 tracks
3. Lots of synths
4. New songs performed live at upcoming events
5. Planning more show outside Germany
6. DVD not planned yet
7. Bernd involvement may be an option
8. Marians favorite video is Soul Messiah

Did I miss anything?


Not so big highlights

9. No cover-songs on the new album

10. No songs with german lyrics on the new album

11. Change in the liveshow (videoprojektions) probably after the new release

12. Marian have made a really great song together with Syrian

13. Did some work on the musical but not too much, the album is the main target

14. Marian canīt wait to listen to the soundclips from the To Germany With Love remix to the elektrisch sampler

15. The Sputnik Roadhouse prodjekt are on ice

16. The performns with A_liFe [DivideD] live was really great, like he said "these guys are so nice and so talented and it was simply a pleasure to perform with them"

Forgot this to:

17. The book was in good progress the last couple of weeks. At the moment i concentrate more on the upcoming album

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