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It's definitely a great song! I know I'm hearing the same lyrics everytime I listen to it, but I just don't know what those lyrics are! I find it quite funny how Marian doesn't even remember parts to this song! anyways, that's a good interpretation to the song. To me, he's either singing, "CD grooves,"City grooves," or what I thought, "City Blues." The most tricky part in this song to me is the second verse, line 4. I believe he's saying, "It's where a Fallon is only a fear, it's only a flick." I keep hearing the word, Fallon, but wasn't sure if it was an actual word, so I looked it up, and it is. A Fallon is another word to describe a hot girl. So in a way, this does make sense with this song. I know we will never know the actual lyrics, if we didn't guess them already, but we can always pretend it's what we have interpreted!

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