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The dream
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Me and Marian..and everybody else

It was after a show in Umeå,Sweden earlier this year..(2000). Me and some other members of New Horizons took us backstage...
It was cold and it was of course raining...=(
However,at last we got into the small place were Marian and co was hiding. A very very small place! Everyone seemed to be around poor Marian, but whatever...
Finally I got the opportunity to talk to him. I had an small intervju with dear Gold. I had a kind of recorder with me, so I could record this...But OF COURSE the recorder don´t want to work...!! After a few minutes the silly thing was working again,and I could ask him my questions. I was VERY nervous! I mean, this was like a dream.
I could hardly speak...But he understood what I was saying,thank God. I think that Marian is a very kind person,who cares about the people around him. He seems to like to laugh...maybe I´m wrong...maybe not.
But this day..or night..or you maybe could say morning..(it was about 4 am) became the most beautful and memorable day in my life...So far...

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