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7 Concert in Berlin (Germany), Mar 2011

Catching Rays on Giant - Tour
Mar. 31 2011
Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof, Berlin

Review by Richani

Wednesday Mar. 30

Mum and I arrived in Berlin after a long train trip, ready to relax. After checking in at Hotel Quentin we went for a little walk through Kurfuerstendamm, dinner and had some beers at the Irish Pub

Thursday Mar. 31

Yeah !! Concert !! Alphaville !! Now !! (Hmmmm.. no not yet of course, but that was the first thing I said when I woke up that morning [drunk]

We've met Peter and the guys in the hotel lobby for a hug and a very short talk. In the evening I got an sms from Peter asking us to join them in their room for beers and fun Thanks Peter for almost letting us knock at the wrong door as he wrote 410 instead of 510 in the sms !! The only reason for having doubts on no. 410 when standing in front of the door was that it was way too quiet inside, since we all know Peter and the noise he's always making. We were safed.

With Peter, Patten and Mike (Bostoooon ^^) we went downstairs to meet up with the other fans and we had to wait for Willy who's airplane got cancelled, but he made it just in time!

We took the S-bahn to Ostbahnhof and goshhh the people who were sitting in that same train were lucky There was a drunk guy with some kind of ukulele singing drunk songs and when he refused to play AV we decided to help him a bit Other people all ran away with grumpy faces.... who said the too-crowded-train-problems can't be solved??

Just arrived at Postbahnhof there were already people queuing up and that means fight for good standingplaces peeps !!
Mum and I werent so satisfied with the bad places we got and so we started to push and push and push and we saw Alien and Martina standing there pretty close to the stage and later Peter and Willy and many others were behind us - yay !

Ready for the concert

Great opening of the show again with 'End of the World' and his voice was in good shape! I was a bit worried about Guardian Angel and Call me down as, in my opinium Marian screwed up both songs what I've heared from the concerts in Sehnde and Cologne, but it sounded much better this time.
My very big favorits were Iron John and Leben ohne Ende, even mum started to dance a little bit and somehow I consider that a compliment towards the band

Peter really enjoyed his AVOL moment by taking off his shirt and seriously, he was right, it WAS very hot there indeed.

Marian still doesnt know his own strenght, the poor micro holder didnt survive this concert The look on his face was brilliant as he threw the thing away.

After the concert the band joined the fans for talks, autographs and pictures and I've had a nice fag with Jakob again, in the area where smoking wasnt allowed. Believe me, THIS time not only I got blamed by the security guys ....

Another great moment was meeting Maja and ohhhhh she's so incredibly sweet! She signed my scarf and I love the pic taken from both of us

When we left the venue all with happy faces we had to find a good place to continue the big party. And so we found a small pub with only a few people inside... more space and beer for us !! Got many pics from the party to share!

I would like to thank Alphaville and the fans for another great experience !! You guys ROCK !!

Most funny moment that night: Marian (afterparty) standing in front of me, looking into my eyes and saying...."hey!.... I know you...."

Most disappointing moment that night: (afterparty) My mum refusing to stand next to Marian for a picture. I hope she realizes that many fans from all over the world would die for having pics with Marian.. and she just said NO?!

Review by Richani

Heaven On Earth (The Things We've Got To Do)

Dance With Me (Piano Version)

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