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6 Dj wanted for collaborations

I'm actually looking for any artists and fans that would like to be part of a work in progress. Ideas and input will be welcomed.

Greetings everyone. I haven't stopped for a second. I am still creating a 3d world for 3d vr and standard music videos. I have taken a lot of time asking permissions first. If there are any talented djs or other artists that would like to be part of this major project, please let me know. I have located and touched bases with several djs that have made some incredible remixes.

Crazy 6 months for me. I was well into modeling when I realized my 3d software simply wouldn't be able to accomplish my goals. I spent several month researching the best. I finally chose houdini. I spent over 7,000 us dollars because I believe in alphaville that much. I don't want money. I must say houdini has been a living nightmare to learn, but im roaring through it. If you ever have the need for a migraine and nothing else will do, go watch a houdini tutorial on youtube. With the best comes the best. With few exceptions, I will be making only alphaville videos. I am only getting a degree because I want one. Not for a job. I am quite happily retired early. This is chapter 2 of my life.

I hope I can get some people here behind this. I am willing to put up a private section on youtube, but my work cannot be leaked early. I will shit down access the instant it happens. Also, I am offering all videos I make to the band free, if they want them. I am content with a Playlist link on my site. I am nothing important. A man with a dream and the skills to make them happen. I work every waking hour because I love it.

So anyways, an industrial version of dance with me will be the first video released. It will introduce moonbase sky dome dance club.

With love: SyrDon, vFx
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