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I got my AtlanticPopes-CD yesterday. I have been listening to it the whole night.
And I must say: It´s absolutely GREAT.
It becomes better and better every time you hear it, like most of the AV-CD´s (Prostitute for instance).
The singer for sure sounds different.
A complete different style from Marian, and it´s so different that you can not really compare it. But I really must say Max Holler´s voice is very sexy...yeah there is a very erotic touch to it. And if you really want to compare it, it doesn´t sound like Barry White at all, it´s more like Bryan Ferry. And Bernhards music fits perfectly to it. Well, Ican only say, this CD is the number one on my personal list for the next few weeks.
p.s. : I was really astonished, that I got the CD 2 days after I payed in advance :-))


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