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Here's what I hear in the part prior to the "place is so crowded" verse:

You bring her alive, there's no time for regrets
You're alive, push the door, you're alive
Heading right for the kill, right for the kill

I'm 100% positive he is saying "You bring her alive"

The very last part, "Heading right for the kill" is likely not right!

Expanding upon what humanracer heard:

Since you're up with him, it feels like a sin
'cause the taste is much too sweet, it's much too sweet
And the massive decay of the city blues
It's where they follow him, there's only a fling, it's only a fling (I can hear that word. It fits the song's tone)

???, you will hear the call
and it's time that you leave his caress
But now you're just gonna die on the road
In an everlasting kiss, everlasting...

I can't hear the question marked part... I truly cannot hear what he might be saying. I hear "blame" and "wall" but that's it!
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