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I wanted to figure out the first verse before I started working on the second verse. And you are right, the second verse is very confusing and you definitely need headphones to listen to it. Again, I listen to the second verse many of times, and yes, with headphones, and this is what I got. I don't know if some parts make sense, but this is what I'm hearing!

Since you're up with her it feels like a sip
Because the taste is much to sweet, is much to sweet
And the massive chaos of the city blues
It's where a fallon is only a fear, it's only a flick
And you dream of a world, you worry the call at it some but you leave its the resting place
No doubt you're just for the diamond road in a neverlasting kiss, neverlasting!
Here comes that Golden Feeling...etc.

After I have typed up what I think Marian is singing, I decided to take a look at the previous attempts (Sorry, Jetset! I was curious!) and I was quite shocked that I was fairly close to what everyone else thought of the lyrics as well!

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