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Well, after listening to the song over and over, and still can't understand what Marian is singing, this is definitely going to be a mystery. This is what I interpreted the missing lyrics were. I don't know why I think Marian sang, "He's Prettier Alive" in the first missing spot, but I just keep on hearing that everytime I listen to the song. I'm sure I have the second spot down pretty well. "Pushing Doors through the Line." I'm not sure if either makes sense, but this is what I'm hearing everytime, so I went with it!

The streets are opened wide for a brandnew adventure
The asphalt flashes in the light
And the blackleathered knights are crawling out of their basements
And handing the tickets for the night
Won't you stay for a while 'coz there's no chance to hide
Lay your money right down for the bill
HES PRETTIER ALIVE, there's no time for regrets (you're alive)
PUSHING DOORS THROUGH THE LINE, now come in for the kill (you're alive), for the kill...
So this place is so crowded... etc

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