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'mmmhkay out there, I had a call with Marian this noon and he confessed the lyrics are simply not documented anywhere, so he wrote them down using his genius memory plus the DS-Version of GF. Here's his reply:

...really hard to grasp the words I have to admit:

The streets are opened wide for a brandnew adventure
The asphalt flashes in the light
And the blackleathered knights are crawling out of their basements
And handing the tickets for the night
Won't you stay for a while 'coz there's no chance to hide
Lay your money right down for the bill
? alive, there's no time for regrets (you're alive)
?, now come in for the kill (you're alive), for the kill...
So this place is so crowded... etc

Can't decode the exact words I'm singing where I placed the questionmark. But I still remember their semantic content. It deals with the idea that "one is destined to exist ="thrown into existence" as Albert Camus wrote. In context of the song it means that although it is not one's decision to be born, at least one can draw some excitement out of the fact of life, which kind of represents one's ticket to the adventures of the night= the game of life and death brought on by its seductive yet ominous messengers, the "blackleathered knights". Well, that's it roughly...
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