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so... here you have the list of them:
-That's All
-Afternoons In Utopia (instrumental)
-Airport Sketch
-For A Million (instrumental)
-All In Golden Afternoons (Instrumental)
-My Brothers In China
-Imperial Youth
-Iron Gate
-Big In Japan (extended instrumental)
-Elegy (instrumental)
-Patricia's Park

(maybe i forgot something, and most of this material is availbe on DREAMSCAPES .. CD 1-8, one of the on The Breathtaking Blue, BIJ on maxi single if i'm not in the mistake)

this was info about instumentals from Alphaville, there are more instumental versions from another people, for example from Guido Shneider who made:
-A Victory Of Love
-Sounds Like A Melody
-For A Million (in 2 versions)
-Fantastic Dream

in the website you can find some MIDIs for example:
-Sounds Like A Melody
-A Victory Of Love
-Big In Japan
-Wishful Thinking
-Forever Young
-Dance With Me
-She Fades Away

... and more, more made by fans and and...

aha one more info here, if you don't know I Satellite recorded some cover versions of A Victory Of Love and Into The Dark to, they used the same synthetizers like the AV in '84, they recorded vocal versions and instrumental versions, i think Krapplund knows more about them all ;) Send them a message..

..and i forgot about nice version from Antilles... David made some kind of instrumental version of "Jerusalem", some kind.. because he added the voice modified by vocalizer, the voice exist here, but it sounds more like a instrumental ;)
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