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I have tons of pictures ready, but the gallery is not working, I'm trying to figure out what's wrong, it may take a few days...

I had a nice talk with Marian, the new album will definately be ready in 2012, I asked about "alphaville time", but Marian felt sure about this, up to the record company when exactly, they do have a lot of influence in the sound, he said, when I asked about, the new album will be very different from CROG, but how he couldn't say, Marian had some demos in his hotelroom, damn, I would have loved to listen to them...

Great concerts btw, Bochum was best, sound was better, and the venue more cosy, nice tracklist (we need someone to upload or write it in here?). The afterparty was great, only a few stayed until the end, Marian included...

Btw, Peter and I met Marian and Jakob at the trainstation the next day, and yes, that would have been a GREAT trip, but unfortunately, we were not to be on the same train
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