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FallenAngel 22 Jul 2004 12:13

Stil not found a descent answer.... Maybe I needed an option 'not enough'?

Mags 26 Jul 2004 22:18

When I lived in Utah I heard AV several times a week at least on my fave station....but since I moved to Berlin I hardly ever hear them. Just a week or so ago I heard FY and was astonished by it though. Of course I don't listen to the radio much, and I could just be listening to the wrong station......

I voted monthly.

FallenAngel 27 Jul 2004 09:40

Finally I voted... Monthly.

Yes I can hear AV here from time to time (no enough to be true) but always the same songs...

I remember the last time I heard them in a wharehouse... My mother told me that I look like a small child that received a toy so happy that I was to hear BIJ!

jetset 27 Jul 2004 11:20

I've been told that Flame was once on a french radio, but never heard it though here. And you ?

Kaz 27 Jul 2004 11:24

The only time I heard Alphaville on UK radio was during the 80s and 90s and more recently when I used to request BIJ and FY on my local radio. Usually, if anything's played, it's BIJ but, nowadays, that's hardly ever so I voted never cos if it's ever played, I never hear it.

The Rose Phantom 28 Jul 2004 09:03

The radio stations love to milk the sam songs over and FY and BIJ, even though those alphaville songs are not the greatest thay have, they just wont settle for anything else, that is A Victory Of Love, and Summer In Berlin, and Universal Daddy!!

Alien 28 Jul 2004 21:35

I've heard on different radio stations FY, BIJ, DWM, SLAM, AVOL and Faith.

The Rose Phantom 29 Jul 2004 00:38

Sure, we belive you.

FallenAngel 29 Jul 2004 11:05

The she's lucky! I would kill to hear AV more here!!![approve]

Acer 12 Sep 2004 05:15

I voted yearly...maybe because i never hear the radio ;)

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