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jetset 28 Nov 2020 13:02

Korona Song Series - Chapter 15
"Dear Friends …

… those of you, who are more familiar with Alphaville’s repertoire might already know this month’s Corona song. But no reason to be disappointed. This is a brandnew recording in a complete revised arrangement with unexpected participants. Since we are in a moderate lock-down at the mo here in Germany, I asked members of the Gold family to contribute the backing-vocals. So I proudly announce my oldest daughter Lily and my lovely wife Anna as additional vocalists for this production which basically took place in our living room. The song itself is a „tragicocomico“ humoresque with a somehow bizarre happy ending. A bit of a mini operetta in 4 minutes time. A bedwarfed musical. A whimsical! A farcical exaggeration! The illegitimate bastard of Marc Bolan and the Jean Genie. In other words: a pop song made in Alphaville. Sounds promising? Well, if you want to find out more, what it’s all about, be prepared for November 30. Then you will know. Love & Peace Marian Gold."

Rather cryptic, especially as Marian gave the following extra clue:
"A comedy of sorts with a dead body in the end.
[...]Murder by Death"

Very puzzling!

Alphaxl 30 Nov 2020 07:37

Krapplund 02 Dec 2020 20:41

Party Party!!!! It´s like a rockabilly song....[wink]

jetset 03 Dec 2020 10:20

I noticed a few differences in the text:
* I didn't tell you, DARLING, that you're the only one
* I'll walk your dog, I'll FEED your cat
* YOU won't forget the date we met

then of course the extra verse:

russharvey 03 Dec 2020 19:30

I think I like it better than the original version! LOL

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