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Anke 19 Sep 2018 08:36

Sierksdorf pics
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hi everyone,
I'd like to share some nice memories of the Sierksdorf concert a few weeks ago…
Just enjoy if you want…

wii 19 Sep 2018 09:27

I moved it here, but you should really turn the picture before uploading, maybe write a little more about the concert too [wink]

Anke 19 Sep 2018 11:17

Oooops [laugh]
My first upload ever-
I try to improve next time...
Tell you more about it after work

Anke 20 Sep 2018 17:56

After one minute it gets interesting….he is sooooooo cute
and its meeeeeeeee at the end
oh my gosh, my heart stops beating [kiss]

Anke 20 Sep 2018 17:58

somehow I cannot upload my pictures as they are on my PC and here it says I should post the URL

Anke 20 Sep 2018 21:55

Hi everyone,
I would really love to tell you about my personal experience on that concert in Sierksdorf, 25th August, because it was my first AV live show -ever and my dream coming true….
As I had always been crazy about them starting from 1984 at the tiny age of 12, but never had anyone to share these deep emotions with, I lost track…or so I thought
But when I fell seriously ill last year, I learned to be MYSELF and stand up to my likes and so I discovered how much I loved them and suddenly “feel I have to goooooo” (sing after around the universe…) because it was the last week end before I took up work after more than one year and it was at the Baltic Sea, where I had spent my rehabilitation in February and its all about healing..…
My family thought I was nuts,- and I am probably nuts in the most positive sense- when I took my car all alone during the night and drove up 600 kms avoiding the traffic around Hamburg…. I got to Sierksdorf by dusk, decided to enjoy a coffee at the beach on the Baltic Sea and there was no one up at that early time of day! I was so full of joy and was looking sooo much forward to that day, madly waiting for the time to pass like in old teenage days. After my check-in at the motel and some looks around Timmendorf, I went to the Hansa Park parking lot, all of a sudden it started to rain so hard, but nothing could reduce my happiness…. and – mind you- when the evening came and we were FINALLY allowed in at 5.30 the clouds broke up giving way to great beams of sun and the sun stayed out for the whole great evening!!!! So I headed for the stage and there were already some people standing on the left…probably some members of you- the alphafamily were there, you all looked cheerful and you seemed to know each other. Anyway, I decided to have a beer at one of those stands around and a fish roll, typical coastal stuff… and the programme started- some mayors competed in different games, two bands played to warm us up with some good moody cover versions of nineties music and the barriers were taken away so that I could approach for the stage. And I could really be in the very first row, O gosh, I wanted that concert to start so bad!!!! Finally the hosts counted down 10-9-8-…. and shouted Alphaville!!!!
David, Alexandra, Carsten and Jacob sneaked onto the stage in darkness and baaaaaaammmm! started their faaat sound – I could recognise I die for you today immediately, and when the lights went on Marian entered at the thunderous applause of the audience and sang…. ooohhh I cannot describe how I felt, I could embrace the whole universe. I cannot recall the setlist by its exact order, but the songs were: A victory of love, (one of my all time faves!!!! I shouted the lyrics and the voice out of me!!!), Big in Japan, Forever Young (we had to sing as he was soo old as he said he needed our support, geeeee, big grin), Sounds like a melody, Jet Set from the FY album, Jerusalem, Dance with me, Red Rose (as one of the encores) from AIU, Next Generation (that one really got me!!! what a great sound, that was sooo funny, Carsten pushed his keys too early, so that the band had to start all over again, and Marian complained to us: He’s doing that always and its always that song…. so cuuute) There was Iron John, which is, according to Marian, a song about man’s contemplation and finding of himself, and there are a lot of stories, a legend and a book…” it’s quite a nice song” he grinned… and the band started to play, and again he complained that he had wanted to tell us so much more, but now as the band was playing he had to sing (sooo funny!!!). Anyway, as this is his drinking song, he had some beer (some of it he spat, leaving the rest to drink though …) There were no songs from The Breathtaking Blue (no Romeos for me, sobbing) but Monkey in the Moon and Flame (This song is for YOU – to all the loyal fans) from Salvation… They also performed Song for No One: I loved Marian’s irony so much I couldn’t stop laughing when he explained that this is a song for the person you love, love so much, love the most, and then said, it’s a song about myself… and he was a real crazy actor. Gravitation Breakdown and, as I said, I die for you today as an opener…. From Strange attractor there was Rendezvoyeur and Nevermore, those two songs which I did not like too much before the concert, but now that they blew me away and had me jumping around wildly I just love them now (especially played aloud in my car…) and of course Heartbreak city and the most beautiful work of art ever: Beyond the laughing sky as their last encore. What an endless shower of goosebumps it gave to me, I am flashed !!! He smoked during that song, sang a slightly different version and seemed also happy when he waved his final goodbye to us… What a fantastic show, lights and background moving pictures, so perfectly played but still intimately personal, sometimes happy sometimes sad, provoking strong emotions that I can still even recall now!
After the show I realized the bright, full moon (!!!!) just a perfect night, so I drove to the beach again and strolled along the sand all on my own, at peace with everything, my heart overflowing with joy and happiness!!!
This may have been my first AV concert, but definitely not my last at all !!! And for sure, it all helped to cure me…my miracle healing (lol)
From Germany with loooooove to all of you out there who feel the same magic! Cheers!

shapeseven 21 Sep 2018 17:12


Originally Posted by Anke (Post 259844)

After one minute it gets interesting….he is sooooooo cute
and its meeeeeeeee at the end
oh my gosh, my heart stops beating [kiss]

Oops - who‘s that incredible handsome guy with the black leather jacket following gold and Christian...? [emoji12]🤟

wii 21 Sep 2018 17:15

Hmmmmm, I have no idea [?]


Originally Posted by shapeseven (Post 259850)
Oops - who‘s that incredible handsome guy with the black leather jacket following gold and Christian...? [emoji12]🤟

Halfnelson 21 Sep 2018 18:01

A beer provider ? A magazine editor ? A jellyfish drawer ?

shapeseven 24 Sep 2018 12:47

Something with beers might be fitting.
That jellyfish thingy is too many decades away

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