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Bernhard Lloyd 27 Feb 2004 00:22

DJ MacAngel - Summer in Berlin
hello everybody,
i know iīm lazy (especially here at the forum - sorry for that)...but not as lazy as you might think...
a few weeks ago i finished the production
(which was a lot of fun) of DJ MacAngelīs new album...
today is the official launch event...
i guess they will have even more fun down there
in SA
find out more about the whole thing in the NEWS - section on
...with more details how to order it...
WARNING: if you donīt like to dance, this cd might be a horror-trip for you...

Krapplund 27 Feb 2004 00:26

Great NEWS!!!

And I can pay with PayPal....THANKS!!!!!

Kaz 27 Feb 2004 00:30

Wow! Brilliant - and really well organised on the sales too [wink] Look forward to hearing some of that [smile]

wii 27 Feb 2004 17:51

I will order it as soon as I get some money [wink]

FallenAngel 27 Feb 2004 19:20

Oh I ordered a long time ago, I think already in November last year! Yes, we Angels can be fast....sometimes![smile2]

mAjor 02 Mar 2004 06:27

And I am going to collect my cd on Wednesday from MacAngel himself.

FallenAngel 02 Mar 2004 12:01

Say hello to him! And remind him that there is a lil Angel that is waiting for his cd in Belgium!!!

Congratulate him with his new cd and wish him the best with it!!!

FallenAngel 15 Mar 2004 19:02

And I got it!!!!!

I am listening to it and I ..... really really loves it!

This is a real masterwork!

May the beat goes on for ever!!!

wii 15 Mar 2004 19:10

How does Summer In Berlin sound ?

FallenAngel 15 Mar 2004 19:20

Sounds great, you can hear that Bernard has had influence on this cd.

The first cd 'Sample This' was great, but this one is more perfect, has the magical touch of Bernard.

Loves the songs 'Genesis, so iy began', 'Inspirational', but I am yet at track number 8 so I need to listen to 7 other tracks.

But for so far I listened I can say great cd, love it even more than the first one!

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