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Lofotleif 26 Sep 2019 19:47

Dreamscapes & Crazyshow boxes for sale
Hello from Norway!

I have just registered on your forum.
Been following it for a long time but never registered - until now.

I have collected Alphaville for several years.
Close to complete now - at least regarding cd-releases.

Anyway - I have a couple of box-sets for sale that some of you might be interested in.
My plan is to put them up for sale at Discogs but I thought I would offer them to true
Alphaville-fans first.

About the boxes;

Very low number : 0091

Total grading: VG (Strictly graded)

Disc number 3 is missing. You will receive a copy of it instead.
Other discs has surface wear, hairlines etc but they all plays perfect.
All booklets are in nice shape.
Textbook is kind of "wavy" otherwise in nice condition.

Box has some storage wear but it is at least whole.
Inlay paper tray was broken upon arrival (Just the mid-section though)

Non-negotiable price = Euro 300,-
Expect high-cost shipping (Registered/Insured). At least euro 50,-

Number 1743/2500

Total grading: VG(+)

All cd's has some light surface wear - but plays perfect.
Textbook has some light wear & tear and a little "wavy"
Box (Outer): A little storage wear of pressure from above. "Velvet" has some dust/dirt on it and some minor discoloring. Not very visible.
Box (Inner): Less storage wear than outer box. Trays holds the cd's - they don't fall out when opening. Velvet has the same issues as the outer box.

Non-negotiable price = Euro 200,-
Expect high-cost shipping (Registered/Insured). At least euro 50,-

I will provide images for those of you who are seriously interested.
They are to big to upload on this forum - unfortunately.

Please ask if there is any other information you need.


Krapplund 26 Sep 2019 21:58

Welcome to the forum!! [wave]

MalilaM 03 Oct 2019 02:46

Welcome, Lofotleif! [wave]

I hope the fans who have asked about the boxes will drop by soon. :)

Ana 04 Oct 2019 10:44

Hello,Lofotleif!!Welcome I was looking for both CDs some time ago Now I've already got Crazyshow.As for Dreamscapes,frankly,I prefer wait more but get the Dreamscapes if its no possible new ,at least,almost,althow it costs to me moreThanks

Lofotleif 14 Oct 2019 17:54

Thanks to every "welcome'r" :-)

MalilaM; Indeed - compared to earlier interest shown for these boxes on the forum I am kind of puzzled of the lack of interest now.

Ana; Good for you regarding Crazyshow - and I do understand your choice concerning the Dreamscapes box. Happy hunting :-)

MalilaM 16 Oct 2019 01:18

There are fewer visitors lately too. Anyway, good luck with your sell. :)

Lofotleif 22 Feb 2020 12:16

Just an update - it took a while, but now both box sets are sold :-)
And for the curious ones; Dreamscapes was sold for Euro 250,- and Crazyshow for Euro 200,-

Mart 25 Feb 2020 01:17

I have bought the following box sets since you have opened the thread

Crazy Show No. 0511 Incl Elegy
Crazy Show No. 1060 4CD
Crazy Show No. 2084 4CD

They are all perfect

Lofotleif 25 Feb 2020 04:08

One for listening, one for the shelf and one to be vacuum packed, locked in a safe for future generations ? ;-)[wink]

Halfnelson 25 Feb 2020 11:08

or a wall to cover in red fur, Mart?

& thanks Lofotleif for the update, always interesting to knows the outcome for such objects.

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