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wii 03 Dec 2000 12:40

Portal & Forum Updates/Support
You can now hide your e-mail address in your profile ! This means that no one can see you mail address, and other users can´t use the "e-mail poster" feature, but the "notified by mail" feature will still work.

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wii 07 Dec 2000 10:32

I´ve expanded the "Active Topics" menu to also show for the last 6 hours, 12 hours and 2 days to make it even easier to see what´s going on at the forum - so it now looks like this:

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wii 15 Dec 2000 13:43

I made a few changes today.

Hot topics (topics with more than 10 replies) will show burning (before it was 5 replies). Also topics with more than 1 page (like "love") will now show the total pagenumbers (even at the "active topics" page), so it´s easier to get to the last page and see the last post.

Some people argued that they want to show their discography here, maybe we can have a section dedicated to that - what do you think?

Edited by - wii on 15 Dec 2000 14:45:14

Avil 15 Dec 2000 14:43

Oh "Love" is a very nice topic...Hihi..=)

*I´m your best friend-the dream*

poul e 15 Dec 2000 19:03

Great idea to have a section with our discographies.

hardin 15 Dec 2000 20:07

Set the discograpies under each memberprofiles...

M. Härdin

wii 03 Jan 2001 09:33

Poul E. and I have created a new forum for members here:

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wii 03 Jan 2001 11:43

We also moved the forum name competition to the new "Members Corner" forum.

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wii 05 Jan 2001 18:30

By request we now have "Topic Stats" at the upper left corner (between "Active Topics and "Members") - where you can see which topics are the most popular. You can sort the result in "Viewed" and "Replied".

The most popular right now are "names of the forum" and "love!!!".

Thanks for posting and reading...!

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wii 09 Jan 2001 15:42

we expanded the "Cover Version" forum with "We heard the call".

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