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MalilaM 09 Oct 2018 01:36

Those subtitles are even more useless than Google Translate when it began. [laugh]

Krapplund 26 Oct 2018 22:11

Brady says that the box will be shipped out before christmas....sound good! [beer][beer]

hardin 02 Nov 2018 22:34

Good things happen to those who wait :)
... den som väntar på nåt gott ��

Krapplund 03 Nov 2018 14:31

Thru and I can wait a looooong time to hear me sing [laugh][laugh]

Alphaxl 05 Nov 2018 19:57

Mixing @FTAlphaville Live @TheWhiskyAGoGo with the fantastic Universal @UAudio @Apollox8p and Apollo Twins.

hardin 06 Nov 2018 19:45


Originally Posted by Krapplund (Post 259956)
Thru and I can wait a looooong time to hear me sing [laugh][laugh]

Haha! Actually the only reason I order the box ;)

Krapplund 06 Nov 2018 20:24


Originally Posted by hardin (Post 259960)
Haha! Actually the only reason I order the box ;)

Sure, sure Hardin [laugh][laugh][laugh]

Alphaxl 11 Nov 2018 08:10

Dear Alphaville Box Set Holders and Fans,
Exciting updates- we are getting very close to having the boxes ready!

The latest update for you on the progress of the Box Set production:

This last week on Wednesday, we have received the final mastering of the Audio files directly from Alphaville, and we are now going to the printing phase of the Box Sets (Printing of the Box, the photo book, pressing of the CDs and Blu Ray DVDs).

At this point, we estimate all the printing done by end of November/Early December, and we anticipate shipments starting between December 10 to December 15th.

We will be emailing updates in the coming weeks about the progress and shipment details.
We appreciate your support and patience in this historic project! The box design and the audio quality is amazing, and will be a box set you will love to have in your Alphaville collection.

LA Concert Group, Brady Harper.

Mart 04 Dec 2018 13:31

Received the E mail. The box set looks stunning[smile_big]

Foolship1077 05 Dec 2018 01:54

I picked the red edges for the book pages. What say you?

Though given who we're talking about, I'm surprised they didn't go with a nice BREATHTAKING BLUE.

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