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Mumu 17 Nov 2013 14:38

Concert in Amneville (France), Nov 2013
I arrived in Amneville at 16:00, after a 6 hours long trip (and a little mess before I can find the hotel, thanks to the GPS). Happy to get out of my car.

I was taking my bag out of the car when I was asked "Excuse me, do you come for Alphaville ?". ==> It was Christian, who arrived the day before. He was with his girlfriend and the twin sisters.

Only a few minutes to take my room, phone my family to say all was fine, and we began to chat about the city, the weather [cold], and Alphaville of course !

Then I went up to meet Clare, and we all got to have a look at the Seven Casino, were we all took some photos.

Then we went back to a pub/restaurant do have a drink. In the Bois de Coulange, you can find a Zoo, lot of restaurants, pubs, fast food, hotels, a Cinema, and of course the Casino. All are in the very small place, we needed only one or two minutes to go from the hotel to the pub or the Casino.

Later, around 18:00, lots of fans came (some we could recognize thanks to their T-shirt stamped "Alphaville"), from Belgium, Germany, and so on.
For lot of us, it was our first Alphaville show, so we were very excited.
It was great to meet so much fans, even more when we spent months chatting together here.

At 20:00, we were allowed to get down, and take place in front of the scene. I was in the second row, on the left part.
And we began to wait, chatting, laughing, cheering, taking photos of the empty scene, getting more and more excited and restless.

The show began at 20:45 or so.

The set list was:

Golden Feeling
Call Me
Dance With Me
Gravitation Breakdown
Big In Japan
Heaven On Earth
I Die 4 You Today
Song For No One
Iron John
The Jet Set
A Victory Of Love
Sounds Like A Melody
Forever Young
Dance With Me (unplugged)

All the people I could see seemed enthusiastic.
Before Iron John, Marian spoke a little, tried to have a beer, changed of glass as soon as he saw that the one he took was more than half empty. He gave some beer to David Goodes before emptying the glass, and then threw it in front of the scene. I think one of the twins is now very happy [wink]

Times went very fast, after Forever Young, they came back for DWM unplugged and Appolo.

All the show was great. The band was in a very good form, and it was obvious that they were having fun on scene.
I only got a few photo, and not very nice, as I had the lights against me. They are blurred with a red light.

At the end of the show, we tried to stay in front of the scene, hoping they let us come backstage. But we were asked to get out.

A few minutes later, Marian went upstairs, to give autographs and chat a little with some of us. He was tired, but very nice and patient.

After he went, some fans are gone to have a drink and chat.
As I was exhausted and have a long way back on monday, I got back to the hotel.
On tuesday, it has been very hard to go working. I wanted to sing all day long, but I don't think that my boss would have enjoyed it, as I don't teach music, and I sing very badly. [tonque]

Hope I can get on another show, in Paris for instance !

lightfairydee 20 Nov 2013 18:55

Thanks Mumu to have taken time to write your review [smile]
it is so many souvenirs....very pleasant !

Clare 21 Nov 2013 17:50

Thanks Mumu, that describes it very well.

manu 22 Nov 2013 13:18

short setlist, what was the during time of the set?

Alphaxl 22 Nov 2013 18:09


Originally Posted by manu (Post 243958)
short setlist, what was the during time of the set?

Something like 1h30 ^^

Mumu 22 Nov 2013 18:53

Yes, 1h30, beginning at 8h45, end around 10h20. And except before Iron John, and DWM unplugged, no break between the songs.

Christian Garreau 22 Nov 2013 20:25

Before Iron John, it was beer time for Marian isn't it?

Kaz 22 Nov 2013 21:49

Yes. Iron John is the Alphaville "drinking song".

Clare 23 Nov 2013 09:58

They definitely dd Monkey in the Moon but I can't see that on the list. I know the did it as every time I wonder why they still play it.

Mumu 23 Nov 2013 11:06

Found the list on their Facebook. Yes, there was Monkey in the Moon. I can remember Marian doing rabbit ears and so on. Seem that they forgot it.

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