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wii 17 Oct 2011 09:05

Concerts in Bielefeld and Bochum (Germany), Oct 2011
Alphaville - CROG Tour 2
Oct. 15 2011
Zeche - Bochum, Germany
Review by Richani

Hello everybody

So saturday Oct.15 was the last concert of the second CROG tour and I can tell you, I woke up all excited ! [smile2] After a short (failed) trip in a train that should have brought me to Bochum, I ended up at Duisburg but fortunately my dear Apollo picked me up with his car. We checked in at the Ibis Hotel where more of the fans were staying. Willy and Peter were the first we've met and it didnt take long for more nice people to enter the hotel! The guy behind the counter made a funny mistake; he thought Leif (Apollo) to be one of the bandmembers as he had his e-mail address written on the bookingpapers that ended with '' [laugh]

We all decided to meet up at 6 O clock to go to the concert together and as nobody wanted to have a 60 minutes walk, (not very surprising btw..) we took taxi's. Best decision ever 'cause were were one of the first being there !! It was cool to meet everybody again - Some of the fans havent seen each other since years...
1,5 hours of waiting in front of the (open) door was no pain in the ass at all as we enjoyed hearing the band doing their soundchecking [smile2]

Concert time

We had great standingplaces totally in front of the stage which was great for a little birthday surprise that we've planned for David. He was obviciously in a good mood, smiling all the time !!

The opening of the show was Golden Feeling and actually every song that followed kept us dancing, jumping and singing along! In the beginning one of the speakers started to fail but it could be fixed quickly. The sound was good as the venue was very small. (I can't judge if this was also the best concert of the 2nd tour as Bochum was the only one I was able to join.)

For Iron John, a.k.a. 'Das Trink Lied' Marian got a nice big beer....and even a second one that unfortunatly he refused to drink (or didn't he..?) [smoke]
Marian performed Monkey in the Moon with a banana that got thrown in the crowd at the end [laugh]

Davids Birthday Moment

After FY the band left and returned for the first 'zugaben', it was our turn to sing Happy Birthday for David and to offer him the nice card that Martina created, and which got signed by the fans !!


After the very exciting show we stayed at the venue for a while hoping for the band to show their faces. Later we got quick news that the band was preparing for a party at a hotel in Gelsenkirchen where they stayed and so we got pushed outside to go there with 4 cars and a taxi.
When we entered Hotel Maritim it seemed that we werent so welcome at first but there was nothing to get worried about. There were places reserved for a small amount of fans [smile]

Really cant describe how much fun we had... BIJ got played, nice talks and drinks with the band and of course good pictures (which will be posted in the gallery later) [smile]

Even Marian discovered my photo camara, but it seemed hard for him to take a picture with it!

10 points for the one who knows who are hidden on the pic he took [smile2]

...and another 10 points for the one who creates the best caption for this one! [laugh]

Sometimes you'd wish that a party like this never ends! It was a great weekend again and I hope everybody that joined had as much as fun as I had [wink]




Kaz 17 Oct 2011 19:45

Peter: Hey, I've got Marian!

Marian: Yeah, but you've obviously got no deo...

Richani 17 Oct 2011 19:53


I hope he didnt have the same opinium about me then [laugh]

Krapplund 17 Oct 2011 19:54

And I did buy a new deo the day before [laugh][laugh]

Should be in "MY" topic I think [laugh][laugh][laugh]

Kaz 17 Oct 2011 19:57

I know Peter. That's why I wrote it [laugh]

I can't get my pic to post. Can someone do it for me please? [smile2]

Richani 17 Oct 2011 20:02


Originally Posted by Kaz (Post 228928)

Now. Caption this!


jalmarti 17 Oct 2011 20:27

the picture with Peter and Marian is just seems that someone (or both) needs a beer :-)

Richani 17 Oct 2011 20:32

The fans-vid for this year [smile] Including the fans, some crap singing by me, a funny Marian and a dancing Anja [smile2]

Kaz 17 Oct 2011 21:21

Love it! And Marian gave the "two beers" sign! [laugh] Poor Marian was so embarrassed, having his privacy invaded like that though.

Richani 17 Oct 2011 21:33

You mean because of BIJ getting played? [?]

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