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Foolship1077 08 Jan 2010 18:17

A to Z Sentence Game
This is a fun one on another thread I've visited. With each reply, the next letter MUST begin the first word.

For instance: First post starts with A, so the next post MUST start with a B. Once we get to Z, the cycle starts again. And if you want to set a theme for each cycle, by all means, let us know.


Alphaville forever!!

MalilaM 08 Jan 2010 23:46

I'd propose we made the first cycle with AV-related sentences, but game rules are rarely respected. [laugh]

"Because of you the earth stood still."

Foolship1077 09 Jan 2010 00:45

[sing] Can you imagine when this race is won?

Pitesina 09 Jan 2010 02:40

[sing] Dance on moonbeams, slide on rainbows in furs or blue jeans, you know what I mean do the strand...

Starman 09 Jan 2010 02:58

Exchanging all the best we had, into atomic keep on Dancing

MalilaM 09 Jan 2010 03:33

"For me it looked like the entrance to paradise"

Kaz 09 Jan 2010 08:53

Gods without immortality.

FallenAngel 09 Jan 2010 09:15

Here we go again, speaking in strange codes...

Kaz 09 Jan 2010 09:36

Ich aber lache nur zurück.

FallenAngel 09 Jan 2010 10:00

Jeder geht allein...

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