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hardin 06 Jan 2003 18:20

I'm sick...
Right now I'm "stomach-sick"... [bulb]
I puked all the night... and I'm very tired [indifferent]
I hope I will reurn to the forum with a smile on my face as soon as possible...
until then; Take care everybody!

poul e 06 Jan 2003 18:51

Iīm sorry to hear that Hardin :-((

I myself have had a flulike thing. Wednesday and Thursday last week I had a high temperature and since then Íīve been very tired and I have a bad cough. I am getting better now, but the cough is still there. I guess the cold weather also has a lot to say in the matter....

Get well soon Hardin!!!!

wii 06 Jan 2003 18:53

Iīve had that too a couple of weeks ago - it was terrible. I couldnīt sleep an entire night because of my stomach.

Jonatan 06 Jan 2003 19:37

Please recover both of you. It's a miracle I'm not ill myself. It's so f------ cold here!!

Clare 06 Jan 2003 22:00

I've just had a bad cough, sore throat bug. I know it was bad, 'cos I missed the chat!

hardin 07 Jan 2003 11:11

thanks for listening :)
it feels better today, but I'm not near my average strength...

I checked up the swedish word "magsjuka", and in english it is "gastric influenza"

Avil 07 Jan 2003 17:38

Poor Mathias, I feel sorry for you
And u too poul!!

hope that both of u get well soooooooon.


Alien 07 Jan 2003 22:20

oh mine... I had such a terrible headache today... it felt like my head was going to explode... I couldn't bear any light, any sounds... I switched everything off: lights, stereo, tv, computer, heater, radio on the kitchen... closed the door and hid my head under the pillow... only after that I could sleep a bit... later when I got better and my ma came home she measured my blood pressure... it was very high for me... 130/80... yeah... and it all ended up with nose bleeding...

hardin 08 Jan 2003 01:19

Headache is not fun to have...
my dad have always headache and take often pills,
I fear that I will get his genes when I'm older.

I can tell you that I feel much better now and my gastric influenza is gone... still a little bit tired. =)

Alien 08 Jan 2003 21:39

woo hoo! I'm fine today too... (except another nose-bleeding I had in the morning) you know... blood for breakfast is something!

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