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SPAWN 03 Apr 2001 01:12

Kim Wilde
Another great artist! I just love the synthesizer sounds on "Teases & dares" It's also my favourite albums with her! <img src=icon_smile_approve.gif border=0 align=middle>

davidhorizon 03 Apr 2001 01:45

Oh. I forgot all about her. Her early work was really good. My favorite albums are "Catch as catch can" and "Select".

The fav tracks are: "Cambodia", "Stay a while", "Dream sequence", "Take me tonight", "water on glass", "Kids in America", "Shangri-La", "Bladerunner", and loads of other great songs. She was great. (And very nice looking). But like many other artists, her music got boring in the 90'ies.

poul e 03 Apr 2001 06:22

Kim Wilde was great!

My favourite is the Shep Pettibone Remix of "You came". Fantastic!!!

Other great ones: Kids in America, View from a bridge, Chequered love and Cambodia

Avil 03 Apr 2001 07:37

I donīt like Kim Wilde...her music is too "childish", and Kids in America is just too noicy for me...

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simpledumbpilot 03 Apr 2001 09:51

If you can,check out the version of 'Kids In America' by 'Lawnmower Deth',now thats noisy!!!

Anyone fancy a pint?

davidhorizon 20 May 2001 06:42

I just listened to "Stay awhile", for the first time in years. I tell you: that is really a beautiful song! I had totally forgotten how great it really is. Forget about "Kids in America", "Cambodia" and all of her big hits just for a moment, and take a good listen to this one. Its Kim Wilde's "Forever young"!

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micki 10 Nov 2001 15:21

Kim artist that I listened to a lot as a little kid... my faves gotta be "You Came" and "Kids to America"...and she's also got a superb voice!!

"the 80's child"

Andreas 24 Mar 2002 14:48

Kim Wilde must be my favourite female artist (which doesnīt say too much). Her brother has written many great songs to her, and I must say that I really like her voice!

Some songs worth listening to:
Stay a while, You came, Never trust a stranger, Stone, Canīt get enough of your love.

The best album must be "Close" from 89.

Adiville 24 Mar 2002 19:53

YOU KEEP ME HANGING ON !!! <img src=icon_smile_kisses.gif border=0 align=middle>

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wii 16 May 2003 16:25

I will see Kim Wilde live tonight for the first time ever !

Great to see those 80s artists playing live again.

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