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Ana 09 Feb 2019 08:19

Well,here in Málaga,Spain,wheather is becaming to be spring-like.20 degrees Sorry,Lol

MalilaM 10 Feb 2019 02:18

The snow storm seems to have driven everyone crazy up there in the USA. Stay safe, Mark.

It's been sunny and rather hot at midday and cool at nights. Spring is coming. ;(

Mart 10 Feb 2019 20:04

Cold and Damp here in Dublin, Ireland

Foolship1077 15 Feb 2019 01:27

Been relatively mild for high temps lately; the snow levels have melted little by little here and there.

Alien 15 Feb 2019 07:33

We've had snow covered ground ever since the beginning of December and by now it feels like eternity. And I'm getting slightly tired of all that monochrome landscape around. :)

4everyoung 15 Apr 2020 16:05

The weather
The weather, has been red hot here for a change been just sitting in the garden listing to music will have a few beers later hope everybody is well and wish this was all over don't tell anybody at work but I'm missing it must be old age.[banghead] [smile]

MalilaM 19 Apr 2020 21:31

It's too hot here, as every spring. They said there was a probability of rain, but it's too sunny to believe it. ;(

Krapplund 04 Nov 2021 19:46

It´s raining this evening.....good we need rain! [beer]

marc 05 Nov 2021 22:09

Not gonna lie rain is one of the cosiest things sometimes. I find gloomy weather comforting in general. Right now its just windy here though.
Weird time between autumn and winter.

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