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Alien 08 Mar 2003 23:20

hehe... I love the weather here now. nights -17C, days +2C

poul e 28 Apr 2003 13:26

I noticed some of you were talking about the weather so I dug up this topic.

Here in Denmark it usually rains a lot and we rarely see the sun. But the past 2 or 3 months we have hardly had any rain at all. We got a bit of snow about a month and a half ago, but Itīs really great to see the sun as much as Iīve done so far this spring. I really hope it continues!!!

Agnes 28 Apr 2003 13:28

Keep it up, Poul! Over here in Hungary the weather is very changeable and as my health is a bit irresolute, it doesn't always make me feel good... It was raining in the past few days over here, now it is very sunny but the wind from Northwest blows strong... Let the sunshine in... [shake]

Kaz 28 Apr 2003 13:34

@ Poul e

Thanx! Now I can preoccupy myself in that great British pasttime - talking about the weather!

It's raining again...To be honest, I live in an area in England where we have more rain than anythnig else. That's why we have lakes. In fact, about 45 minutes away from me is the wettest place in England, the Borrowdale Valley.

I think today's weather is just making sure we keep the lakes topped up for the tourists...

slam 28 Apr 2003 20:18

In Finland it has also been raining today all day long and I'm very happy about that.
There will never be a real spring without actually a few rainy days in a row.
Hmmmm - just cool rain.

@Agnes, Kaz: I like girls very much when they are wet, by the way...

Alien 28 Apr 2003 21:20

It was snowing from time to time in St.Petersburg. And now it's raining here.

Alien 05 May 2003 09:23


there were only 2 warm days here! and now it's cold and it rains. and no heating... brrrrrr... [shake] and they promise SNOW!!!!! [bigeyes]
so I'm asking where is spring? where should I go to find spring?

Kaz 05 May 2003 09:42


FallenAngel 05 May 2003 09:49

Oh Yes... Summer In Berlin! [glasses][approve]

Alien 05 May 2003 09:51

I doubt there will be summer this year at all. Seems winter just turned into autumn and then will be winter again...

winter in Moscow. new song for AV...

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