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poul e 11 Jan 2001 20:08

Real Life
"Catch me I´m falling" and "Send me an Angel". Do you remember them? Great songs!

Trent 11 Jan 2001 22:20

YeaH!!! I remember them..I only have one vinyl of them (Where the hell did I put that?) I have to dig it out now and crank it up in me record player..

Cruising in cocktails...

wii 11 Jan 2001 22:24

Oh, I have all their well known songs on 12" - also a couple of CDs. I always liked them ! even now, I sometimes put on the 12" version of "Catch me I´m falling" ...down again...

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davidhorizon 12 Jan 2001 00:40

This was one of the 80' band I never liked. I have always thought that "Send me an angel" was a really boring song. Sorry!

wonder2000 07 Jan 2002 16:01

WOV!!! "Send Me An Angel" That song is so COOL, especially PSB remix, havenīt you heard that?

*Do You Believe, in heaven above, do you believe in love? Don`t tell a lie donīt be a false untrue it all comes back to you... etc.*
Great lyrics too I think and singer sounds a bit like a Klaus Meine from the Scorpions :)

"It`s me - Julian"

simpledumbpilot 08 Jan 2002 07:33

Real Life were/are great,possibly Australia's nearest to a major contribution to the Synth Pop genre,i cant think of any others.Send Me An Angel is a classic,wasnt it in one of the Teen Wolf films???? There is an mp3 going around which is referred to as a Pet Shop Boys remix but im afraid that its fake.I'd like to know who really did it tho as it is a good version.God Tonight is another great Real Life track,worth checking out if anyone hasnt heard it.

rolandk 08 Jan 2002 13:12


quote:Originally posted by wii:
even now, I sometimes put on the 12" version of "Catch me Iīm falling" ...down again...
Same counts for me! The 12" of "Catch me Iīm falling" must be one of the best extended versions ever. Especially I like the beginning with this computer voice. Itīs fantastic!
Another Real Life favourite of mine is "Face to Face". The 12" of it is also wonderful.
This is 80īs music at its best!

micki 08 Jan 2002 14:55

Real Life is so cool...I love "Catch me I'm Falling" and "Send me Angel"...I've actually got them on vinyl...

"the Child of the new Season"

wii 14 Aug 2002 23:17

Well, they are back:

The new music is very different from the good old 80s, but check it out yourselves, you can download some tracks - itīs way too hard for me, but I believe some of you might find it interesting. I can recognize the voice and they still use synths, but...very hard, oh well.

Edited by - wii on 15 Aug 2002 00:18:36

SPAWN 15 Aug 2002 10:54

Hmm... I still like the old Real Life but DAMN!! The new stuff is great (if you like that underground/hardcore sound) <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

Edited by - spawn on 15 Aug 2002 11:54:34

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