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emo72 21 Mar 2019 02:32

Why Prostitute is the best album
I was watching TOTP and these guys singing a great synth song BIJ were on and I was hooked. I went and bought the 7 inch vinyl and probably FY single too, I'm old, can't remember too well. Then AIU album came out and I grabbed that, probably on CD because that was the pinnacle at the time. Vinyl was on the way out. But it flopped in my part of the world and I was majorly disappointed, I mean I loved it and thought it was brilliant, I couldn't understand why no-one else could "get it". Then TBB came out and granted it was s bit patchy, it had a few gems on it, like is there anything more melancholy than Anyway? Nope. But it flopped too. Game Over Man. This band is finished.

And that was the end of my love affair with AV, some great songs but they didn't connect enough to keep going. Or so I thought. Don't ask me how or when I heard of a new album called Prostitute, and what a crap name! But jaysus Christ, when I heard it, I thought what an album, this is amazing, a call to arms. I had given up on the band, but this couldn't be ignored, an absolute masterpiece that connected me back with the music. It was like they had given up too and threw caution to the wind and refound us all. Maybe, but maybe you all never doubted the band. I did though. I loved the music, sometimes the album's were patchy, but out of nowhere it all came together on Prostitute. An album that was the best music when I least expected it. So thanks for driving on when it must have been dark. I'd love to know what they were thinking at the time they recorded this album, last chance? Or fulfilling record company duties.

That album came out of the blue and lit a bomb under me. Am I the only one?

RRC 21 Mar 2019 15:06


Originally Posted by emo72 (Post 260992)
That album came out of the blue and lit a bomb under me. Am I the only one?

You are not alone!
But I can't say that Prostitute is the best album. Every first 4 albums are best [smile_big][smile_big][smile_big] by themselves!

FIY like a first love for me - for all time forever!
AIU was the next step and it's very beatiful!
TBB is different, but it's very great too.
And Prostitute is amazing and

an absolute masterpiece

Mart 21 Mar 2019 16:24

emo. I follow your sentiments to the note. Ireland was in a stasis back in the 90s after Phil Lynot and Rory Gallagher passed away. I went from Punk To New wave within a few months. Then the Internet popped up (Dial Up). I had E Donkey and limewire for torrents. So one night, for pig iron, I typed in Alphaville, and...Boom. Salvation popped up. I downloaded it and it blew me away. So I started t look for more. I found Prostitute, and since finding it, then buying it, it has been either in the car or in my stereo system system upstairs since. I can't put a review up between Prostitute and Salvation, because IMHO, they are the best Alphaville albums post Forever Young

emo72 23 Mar 2019 21:42

I'm listening to Apollo now. What an absolute belter. There is nothing better to end an album. For me the ultimate AV song.

Mart 23 Mar 2019 21:45

According to the setlists for the latest tour, Apollo is the finale from the shows[smile_big]

emo72 23 Mar 2019 22:13


Originally Posted by Mart (Post 261027)
According to the setlists for the latest tour, Apollo is the finale from the shows[smile_big]

Euphoria and Apollo the best pop tunes of all time. its the pinnacle of pop music. the only way to end a concert. there is nothing better.

Mart 23 Mar 2019 22:31

Here you go, my good friend[smile]

MarianGoldfan123 23 Mar 2019 22:36

Prostitute initially was my least favorite album of them all (right next to Breathtaking Blue), but over time I've grown to like it a lot. It has quite a few great tracks on it... My favorite being "All in the golden afternoon"! Apollo is my second pick for this album due to it's uplifting nature...

emo72 24 Mar 2019 00:26


Originally Posted by Mart (Post 261029)

Here you go, my good friend[smile]

thanks mart. rockin out to it here now! loving it, the best i ever heard.

Mart 24 Mar 2019 00:28

It's a show stopper. A very very iconic attitude track with a very progressive beat.

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