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Avihai 07 Jan 2001 09:46

Sweet Life, Boy on the street, Blue Moon ...
They're sooooooo good.

Avil 07 Jan 2001 17:32

Hear me calling (Mesh remix)...It´s just soooooo good!*love De/Vision*

*I´m your best friend-the dream*

Avihai 08 Jan 2001 11:47

Hear Me Calling, definately !

Staffan 08 Jan 2001 18:50

Deliver me...

frog 08 Jan 2001 20:28

New Drug...

<It happens to be my faourite non-AV song>

wii 08 Jan 2001 20:45

I have a couple of De/Vision maxis and some songs in compilations, but I don´t think they are very original, they sound a little too much like Depeche Mode (which I love), but they should try to go more unique sound, in my opinion.

visit us at:

Adiville 09 Jan 2001 15:34

Blue Moon is nice but New Drug is just great !!!
im with you Froggy ! <img src=icon_smile_approve.gif border=0 align=middle>

@ville - forever and ever.

Avil 09 Jan 2001 17:38

I don´t think that De/Vision sound a bit like DM.They have their own style, and D/V have their. And they are great. Willy, you should hear some original songs...

*I´m your best friend-the dream*

Avihai 10 Jan 2001 21:43

You guys made me really satisfy with all those positive feedbacks on De/Vision <img src=icon_smile_approve.gif border=0 align=middle>

Avil 11 Jan 2001 14:44

But they´re one of the best!!<img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>

*I´m your best friend-the dream*

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