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hardin 17 Mar 2003 01:46

better rumours than nothing

simpledumbpilot 20 Mar 2003 04:28


quote:Originally posted by SPAWN

hmm... I still say that Tangerine Dream "discovered the synths"... :)
Im going to have to go with Ron Grainer, the guy that made the original Dr Who theme in 1963. It was another decade before anything else sounded like that.

rolandk 14 Jul 2003 08:04

Therell be a NEW Kraftwerk album, called "Tour de France Soundtracks", to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France. Release date is the 28th of July.
A Maxi-CD is already released, called "Tour de France 2003".

And I had given up hope, to ever get a new Kraftwerk CD. [wink]

JaJaJa 14 Jul 2003 15:08

Still that sounds like an infusion of already well-known stuff.
Kraftwerk have done epochal works. And they did quite everything in the last seventeen years to lose
their greatness!!!
Kraftwerk now is just a hot-air-balloon!

(even though Im confessing I would go to see them live...)

Avil 09 Aug 2003 16:24

The album is out and it sounds just like the old Kraftwerk we know.
Check out for samples

Kaz 09 Aug 2003 18:30

I've heard the whole album and I have to say that it's nothing spectacular. It's Kraftwerk...

Avil 09 Aug 2003 19:25

Some people say that Kraftwerk are spectacular..



JaJaJa 09 Aug 2003 20:01

Nothing spectacular songs, ok.
Not the half innovative as in the seventies and early eighties.
The main problems are the missing melodies (who the f. develops unique melodies nowadays?) and
the synth-sounds, which are original Kraftwerk of course but in the meantime inflationaryly used
by so many people.
As to the sound (and this has to be mentioned): one of the best records Ive heard in the last few years. Ive tested it on several systems, it totally convinced me at most while listening by car radio (title: Elektro Kardiogramm), because of the considerable pressure and the stereo scopic picture - and believe me, I know that system very well. Somebody might say "Nothing else is what I expect of them!" Ok, still such a result is not easy to achieve!
All in all: Look above at my earlier expression and see me enthusiastic about -hmm- five songs
(guess, which ones). Im very surprised that they made this album and some failings on it cant change that Kraftwerk still put a lot of modern bands in their places!

Kaz 09 Aug 2003 20:13

By not spectacular, I meant it's just Kraftwerk doing what Kraftwerk do. I like them, don't get me wrong, but it's nothing more than I would have expected from them.

JaJaJa 09 Aug 2003 20:39

I knew what you meant as almost usually.

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