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Mario Mastroianni 18 Jan 2001 16:18

I like Kraftwerk in general,but the songs of theirs that i really love are:
"The Model"
"Sex Object"
"The Telephone Call"
"The Hall of Mirrors"

Avil 19 Jan 2001 08:47

I just love Radio Activity.
Think I´ve said it before, but I´ll say it again...*lol*<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

*I´m your best friend-the dream*

hardin 08 Apr 2002 13:35


Trans Europe Express!
Radio Activity!
The Man Machine!
Tour De France!
Musique Non Stop!

....I have order all Kraftwerk album after I saw a documentary of them on the swedish television.

Radio activity... is in the air for you and me!

wonder2000 08 Apr 2002 15:17

We Are The Robots

"J.Moon - strange boy"

micki 08 Apr 2002 16:29

"The Robots", "Das Model", "Autobahn" great, so great...
I have their album "Man Machine", and I gotta say that it isn't that good as a wholeness, but there are real pearls too...
I just saw a document about them on a Swedish channel a few days back and it made me listen to that album...<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>


hardin 19 Jul 2002 19:51

I'm in a very Kraftwerk influenced period now... actually right now I'm listen more to them than Alphaville. Some times you have to take a break for a while <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>
I'll be back :)
radioactivity... is in the air for you and me

SPAWN 15 Aug 2002 11:58

hmm... I still say that Tangerine Dream "discovered the synths"... :)

Jonatan 11 Mar 2003 18:29


Kraftwerk to unleash comeback album this year
In a comment to the Australian Undercover magazine leader Ralf Hutter of Kraftwerk confirmed they will have a new album out this year. Still according to the magazine, Hutter was tight lipped about what it would sound like. Their last recorded work was 1999's "Expo 2000", a limited release. The rumour has been travelling around for quite some time, especially when an album was announced on EMI's official releaselist before disappearing quickly after without leaving a trace (see earlier reports in Side-Line in 2002). Let's see if the seed that is planted now will grow out to be a real tree.

Avil 14 Mar 2003 23:31

I remember when everyone waited for this album three years ago...and it never came. I was one of these.

Kraftwerk..., you canīt trust that band...

rolandk 16 Mar 2003 21:13

Tsss.... three years... Iīm waiting for more than 16 years now, since I bought the Electric Café LP in 1986. ;) Thatīs a looooong time, if you ask me.
Iīve heard this rumour many times before, but probably there will be a new album this year, we will see.

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