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16 Mar 2002, 02:38
just heard silent morning by Noel..... has a strangely familiar sound.... anyone know anything about this band?

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18 Mar 2002, 19:12
I picked up a promo 12'' of that single many years ago believing it might be the same Noel that collaborated with Sparks in 1979 but alas not.It was in the bargain bin and the stores policy was that they didnt play the records from there,you just had to take a gamble,its an OK song tho.The only info i can give you from the record i have is that it was released in 1987 and is on Island Records with the catalogue number 12BRC76 unfortunately thats about it.It doesnt even say who wrote it but im guessing Noel might get the credit for it.I did find a website made by quite an enthusiast of Noel's work which surprised me as it uses exactly the same template as an old website of mine,heres the link if you fancy a gander..