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poul e
10 Jan 2002, 11:12
These past few days Iīve been listening a lot to Dead or Alive. I really liked them back in the 80īs. They had a very special (strange) singer Pete Burns with a great voice that fits their music perfectly!!
Listen to:
You spin me round (like a record)
Lover come back to me
Brand new lover
Something in my house
My heart goes bang
Especially the long versions are very good!!


10 Jan 2002, 11:25
Eiffel 65 did a cover version of "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" It's interesting...I know none of you like Eiffel 65...so I don't even know why I am telling you this Hehe

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poul e
10 Jan 2002, 11:53
I didnīt know that, Trent. I know though that I guy called Gigi DīAgostino has made a version of it. It actually sounds a lot like Eiffel 65!! Perhaps he is a member of Eiffel 65? I donīt know - as I donīt like them much <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>


10 Jan 2002, 12:39
Nah, he has nothing to ti with Eiffel 65... maybe except the fact that they all are Italians. It's pure coincidence.

As for Dead or alive - funny thing, Burns released few records, but there is actually only one good - 'Youthquake'. It has intense disco beat, I love it, especially 'My heart goes bang' and 'You spin me round'.

But what is really funny - Burnes always claimed that Dead or alive is actually a rock band. No comments.

poul e
10 Jan 2002, 12:59
Yeah Olek thatīs right!! He also tried to look like someone from a rockband, but in my opinion he didnīt succeed. He looked more like a "tough Boy George" or something.

And yes, Youthquake is by far their best album, but I also like "Brand new lover" and "Something in my house" from "Mad, Bad and dangerous to know" very much!


16 Mar 2002, 04:30
yes, you spin me round is a dance floor classic!!

but here is the question for you.... Burns has continued making music with a niw band.. I used to know the name, its something egyptian sounding, but now I cannot recall what it is? anyone else know?

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18 Mar 2002, 15:46
well....what can i say about them..
they spin me round like a record on saturday evenings!!!

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poul e
20 Mar 2002, 09:07
I have been trying to find out about this other band you asked about, but as of yet I havenīt had any luck. What I have found out though is that Dead or Alive still exists!! They have a release of both a greatest hits album and DVD/VHS coming up pretty soon.

This is what their album discography looks like (as far as I have been able to find out):
Sophisticated Boom Boom (1984)
Youthquake (1985)
Mad, bad and dangerous to know (1986)
Rip it up (1987)
Nude (1989)
Fan the flame (Part One) (1990)
Nukleopatra (1994 and rereleased in 1998)
Fragile (2000 + a rerelease coming up)

I lost interest and track after "Nude". I have all their albums up until that album and also a great deal of 12" singles which I think is the best from Dead or Alive.


14 Feb 2006, 10:47
You Spin Me Round 12" is fantastic. I play Dead Or Alive often, but I thought I was alone in the world about enjoying the band !!

14 Feb 2006, 10:51
Oh no, I have listened to the band since the mid-80s - great music for dancing !

14 Feb 2006, 17:48
Pete Burns was just on TV in the UK on Celebrity Big Brother and he caused an uproar with his down-to-earth talk and no-nonsense attitude, telling it like it is, but he was apparently very entertaining. He`s just propsed to his gay lover after splitting with his wife of 30 years last year to live with him. He looks totally crazy now with his lip implants and stuff. He didn`t look too bad in 1985 though and "Spin" was a mega super hit!

15 Feb 2006, 17:56
I loved Pete on Big Brother... he is such fun... :))

16 Feb 2006, 07:42
Does he still wear this eye patch? [pirate][smile]

16 Feb 2006, 13:33
no, he doesn't...
have a look http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother/housemates/housemate_news.jsp?id=25

16 Feb 2006, 14:58
Oh, well...

16 Feb 2006, 18:31
Like I said, looks crazy...

16 Feb 2006, 18:48
Hmmm.... doesn't really look like a Pete anymore does he.....