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01 Jan 2002, 14:06
Hello! I just uploaded a song that I've made with Reason... It would be nice to hear some comments if anyone has the time..!
PimPom Atomic (http://home5.swipnet.se/~w-53123/pimpomatomic.mp3)
The file is 2,2 MB...

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01 Jan 2002, 15:19
awesome!! maybe I have an untrained ear, but it doesn't sound like you made this on a computer! sounds great!

is this software easy to use! man, I could sure use something like this to get my songs off the ground!!

Thanks for sharing!!

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01 Jan 2002, 16:39
Itīs all made with help of reason jonatan?

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01 Jan 2002, 18:17
Reason is a great program if you're making music. A friend of mine uses it all the time..

He's got some songs at www.mp3.com/skinnjobb

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01 Jan 2002, 20:12
It's 100% made in Reason. I love that program!

see me through - i'm a soulman...

01 Jan 2002, 20:18
well, it sure doesnīt sound like it.

Itīs a very good program, but the thing is that I canīt get it to work!

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06 Jan 2002, 02:11
this song is very nice! I like it!

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