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27 Nov 2001, 08:45
Alright, what's up with this Pseudo Killer? It's in German, so I don't understand a word. Is it new Bernhard's or Max's project? Does it have anything to do with this poll?


Bernhard Lloyd
27 Nov 2001, 10:16
hi olek....itīs just a guestbook post.
the guy is doing some advertising for his own website...itīs got nothing to do with the popes.

everybody is a pope......

29 Nov 2001, 02:34
OK! Glad to hear the explanation..... I didn't get that one either!

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Bernhard Lloyd
01 Dec 2001, 12:17
i have to admit that i didnīt realize that this guy also made a post on our news side....now i know what you were talking about...itīs fixed now!!

everybody is a pope......

01 Dec 2001, 14:48
argh, a haaaaacker!*hmpf*

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