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21 Nov 2000, 19:31
People always ask me if I ever could just forget "that stupid band" and start to listening to some more "new" music.Never ever...No way that I will leave AV. They are my life, I can´t live without them...
Could you?

Love is the answer, love is all we need my friend.

poul e
21 Nov 2000, 20:54
A lot of people have asked me the same question over the years. The most of them have now given up asking. I will never stop listening to Alphaville. They are one of very few bands you never grow tired of listening to. I heard a lot of different bands/music back in the 80´s, but it´s just a few of them that I still listen to regularly. There´s some kind of magic over AV´s songs. You can just listen to their songs over and over and . . . . .
So the answer to your question is:
No I can´t live without AV!

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22 Nov 2000, 20:45
for me it's the same thing !!!
I will never stop listening to Alphaville too !!!
It's MY MUSIC, MY LIFE, It's the thing that I'm feel so good in my life every morning.
I listen AV EVERYDAY SINCE 1983 !!

13 Dec 2000, 11:45
I wonder why people ask that, my wife ist 7 years younger than me (27) and she must hear my music ;) she don´t know AV at all, but "hey that Faith sounds like UB 40". She is always listening to Rap (that stupid music hehe) and Soul. if they would hear AV anyone can find one or more songs he like, not only this *Foreveryoungismorethanhundredyearsold*


Message understood?

13 Dec 2000, 14:41
jesus guys..you are some of my kind.some people asked me why i dont listen to bands like BSB or why dont i like britney spears.
i mean they dont have any feelings in their songs,nothing like AV,they are one of a kind.
AV makes songs about so much other things than just love,and thats why i like them so much.feel like im the only one in sweden who listens to Alphaville.but i cant live without their music.if i could travel in a time machine,í'd travel to 1982,to germany..follow the development of AV through the years.some of my relatives say they make bad music now when Marian &co have got older.but that is not true..

your defender

13 Dec 2000, 15:17
"artists" like BSB and Britney.S. will never do something like THE BREATHTAKING BLUE - an album that was made by AV in order to check music styles. AV really love their music and it represents everything that they are.
do you think that when Britney sings &quot;oops i did it again&quot; or when all those rappers yell &quot;ah ah oh oh yeah yeah...&quot; they really try to say something ?!?!? <img src=icon_smile_dead.gif border=0 align=middle>

@ville - forever and ever.